Pearland-based Criminal Defense and Family Law Attorney

Jayne M. Griffin is an attorney fully committed to providing her clients with a premium experience as an advocate in legal disputes. She has a diverse practice, offering her services in criminal defense, family law, real estate and wills and trusts. The Texas Southern Law School graduate helps clients in Brazoria County and Harris County.

Criminal Defense

Ms. Griffin is a capable and determined lawyer who will fight to get a fair disposition of your criminal case. She can defend you whether you are accused of DUI or assault, a misdemeanor or a felony. She will listen to your side of the story and examine all of the facts, including the conduct of law enforcement, before giving you advice.

Family Law

With the often contentious matter of separation or divorce, you need an attorney who can be compassionate with their clients and tough with their opponents. Jayne Griffin can be that attorney. She understands the personal difficulties you may be going through at the end of your relationship, but will help you with clear-headed counsel. She can also help relationships begin, advising those who wish to adopt a child and start a family.

Wills and Trusts

The transference of property can occur upon the death of a loved one. Whether you wish to secure the future of your family through a will, or an organization through a trust, Jayne Griffin can advise you on all matters related to probate. She can draft a solid document, helping you protect your assets for your family’s well-being or help you address any challenges to an existing document.

Property Law

Transference of real estate can be more complicated than just signing a deed and transferring property. You will need a lawyer who understands Texas property law, where property rights take on a great importance because of the mineral resources in the state.

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Jayne Griffin is eager to help clients throughout Southeast Texas with their legal needs. She is a hardworking lawyer devoted to law, to protecting the rights of the accused, to fair and equitable divorce settlements and to assist whenever someone needs help. When you want an attorney capable of handling an assortment of legal challenges, call Jayne Griffin today.