Pearland Family Law Attorney

The practice of family law can be difficult for both lawyer and client. Divorces and custody cases often create a great deal of animosity between the parties, and leave all feeling the worse for wear. However, family law can also be rewarding, such as when an attorney helps a child in need find a home. Jayne Griffin can handle the vicissitudes of family law, providing compassionate counsel and vigorous advocacy in any situation.

Compassionate Divorce Lawyer in Pearland

Divorces can get complicated and sometimes combative. One spouse may be thinking in terms of winning and losing, so they will try to take everything: property, bank accounts and the children. A clear-thinking attorney can help calm the waters and get both parties to reach an equitable agreement without spending years in court. However, if your spouse is unreasonable, you will need someone on your side ready for a fight. Whether it’s a settlement or an adversarial trial, Jayne Griffin will help you address your divorce from a position of strength. She will thoroughly investigate your spouse, leaving nothing to chance. She will also be a great listener, understanding that you may be at a low point and you need patience as much as you need a fighter. When it comes to custody decisions, she will make sure the best interest of the child is served.

Caring Child Adoption Lawyer in Harris County

When you have used all your energy looking for a child to bring into your home via adoption, the last thing you want to deal with is a thorny legal issue. Birth parents may be reluctant to give up their rights, or may renege after making the agreement. To protect yourself and your child’s best interests, you should hire a good child adoption attorney like Jayne Griffin. She can guide you through the entire process, making sure that nothing will stand in the way of you creating a family and happiness for your child. She will help you make sure that you can present your best to show that you will be a great parent.

Pearland Family Law Attorney

Jayne Griffin has the attitude and the skill set to help you with your family law matters. She is determined to see her clients receive a just and fair outcome. She knows Texas divorce law and keeps up to date with the latest in Texas adoption law. Call her for a consultation regarding your family law issues.