Pearland Property Law Attorney

Texas property law incorporates many issues, from conflicts over sales or contractual agreements to administrative issues like zoning laws. One area of emphasis in property law addressed in the practice of Jayne Griffin is handling deeds and associated matters.

The deed is the instrument of transfer of a property. It lets you know who the parties involved are (owners old and new) and a description of the property. Deeds are usually recorded in the county where the property resides.

Property Law in Pearland

If you’ve purchased a home in Pearland, R. Brazoria County or Harris County, you are probably familiar with the common warranty deed. You signed it during the purchasing process. If you have a loan, you may be familiar with a deed of trust. If these terms are unfamiliar to you, and you are preparing to enter a real estate transaction, you need to hire a lawyer to assist you.

Jayne Griffin can help with property transfers and deeds in R. Brazoria and Harris Counties. She understands the law, and can help you decide how you want to convey your property to a new owner. She can easily identify potential red flags in property transfers if you’re buying. She can help to ensure any deeds are properly drafted, and can negotiate deals between parties to achieve an equitable transaction. Should a dispute arise after the transfer of property, she can represent you in resolving the dispute, whether between parties or in front of a magistrate.

Pearland Deeds Attorney

Thousands of Texans enter into mortgages and auctions for real property each day. Many simply allow their real estate agent to handle some issues that may seem mundane, like title searches. However, there is too much at stake to leave property transfers to those without a law degree. When you are prepared to transfer, receive or purchase property, you should have an attorney with you at each step to review contracts and deeds before you sign. For exemplary property law help in Pearland, call Jayne Griffin today. You’ll get the peace of mind you should have when getting involved in a life altering transaction like transferring real estate.