Pearland Wills and Trusts Attorney

For some, securing a future for their family is what they’ve worked for all their lives. Fortunately, our laws allow us to continue to help our families after we’re gone from the world via a will or trust. Jayne Griffin can help you to create a binding document to provide for loved ones – or an organization you love – even in death. If you are named in a will and someone wishes to challenge the document in probate court, she can represent your interests.

A Wills Attorney Can Help Avoid Problems

There’s an old saying that lawyers who represents themselves has a fool for a client. That may also apply to writing your will. You are confronting the end of a long life full of memories, good and bad. You may be influenced by that past, or by current problems. You can make promises to those you will be leaving behind that may have legal implications on how a court interprets your wishes. You need an attorney who will help to ensure your will does not run into hitches in the execution or tax problems left behind for your family to deal with. You need a clear-headed, intelligent attorney who knows Texas probate law and can steer you clear of unnecessary difficulties.

If you are the beneficiary of a will, you may also need legal assistance in handling creditors, liens and taxes. Jayne Griffin will work with you to protect your assets.


Trusts can provide you with security in estate planning. They can also help you with tax liability and your family to avoid going to probate court after you pass. However, creating a trust can be complicated. You will need a lawyer’s assistance, one who understands Texas trust law and who will create a document that best carries out what you hope to accomplish. Since a trust is a “living” document, it’s subject to change. Ms. Griffin can help you keep the trust current.

Pearland Wills and Trusts Attorney

For people with a substantial estate, hiring a lawyer to create a will or trust is imperative. If you have significant assets, a business with creditors or a complicated family structure, you will need a good attorney to help create an ironclad document to execute your wishes. If you are the beneficiary of a will or a trust, the need for a wills and trusts lawyer becomes even more apparent, as challenges like tax problems, liens and disputes can appear to complicate things, especially when family members are in disagreement over a probate document. Call Jayne Griffin for an exceptional wills and trust attorney in Pearland.